It’s been a while…

Man, it’s been forever since I’ve been on here…

Had to come back to vent since I can’t do it anywhere else.

I’m fairly certain I’m depressed. One minute I’m super encouraged and feel like I can take on the world and he next, I realize that I will never amount to anything. Swell.


Brand New | | Me Vs. Maradona Vs. Elvis

It scares me that in the year 2014, a lot of people think that hoverboards are real because of a marketing spoof video that I only assumed no reasonable person could believe to be real when I posted it. I’m almost as baffled by people that think it needs to be pointed out that it’s fake. I wonder if the latter of the two stand up in movies like Superman and say things like “Superman isn’t really flying. That’s just special effects.”

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Honestly, when did Americans start misspelling lose as loose?


Subaru RB320 by popbangcolour on Flickr.
This is just incredible